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 The Site's Lore

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PostSubject: The Site's Lore   Mon May 18, 2015 3:48 am

1962, Kingston, PA

A congregation of clans divided above the fiery wreckage.

Mistrust divides the elders and the younger generations. The elders, many born before the Twoleg catastrophe, have a wariness about Twolegs - While the younger view them with scorn and derision, with so few Twolegs it creates a downright positive impact on their lives. Under the town for miles, coal veins run thick and deep, a feature giving way to mines and an underground structure the cats were unfamiliar with.

Inferno broke out, unexpected. The Twolegs panicked, summoning others in their boisterous, raging monsters. Many abandoned the town, unwilling to face the risks of remaining. In the chaos, Twolegs scrambled to seek out the kittypets left behind. Every cat was in danger, kits taken from queens and queens from kits, lurkers snatched from the tree line, house and wild dogs alike all loaded into monsters.

Some cats debated following suit and leaving themselves.

Others left the surface, seeking refuge in the caverns. While the smoke threatened to suffocate them, desperation drove them. Deeper into the cave system than the entrances, cats fell into shafts and vents. Many perished, some still were discovered and abducted from the caves. Soon after, the remainder of the living began to adapt. It became easier to breathe, their trips to the surface became less of an importance, the scarce prey in the caves more plentiful and more tasteful. New cats born grew darker to blend in as natural defense against predators like badgers and the almighty cave bears.

Eventually, the cats began to band together, for survival, they said, and even then some declined and left the mines to avoid trouble. This was the beginning of SootClan.

Meanwhile, in the city, a group of cats were left behind, the Twolegs having been unable to find where they’d taken refuge.

The weakest and smallest of the cats, those without skills were abandoned. They had no refuge, no place to call home. Without this, they were cast into the wild, and lost. But the weakest had one strength, that being unity. Together, they formed the BoroughClan, a Clan based around their reliance, their intelligence, the wisdom they learned from the bottom. Together, they rose, and erected a mighty city, allowing in those who needed refuge. The Clan became a light in the dark for the weak, and together, the lines and columns that made their own warriors, a legion, became a force of reckoning. Their numbers and order are equal to the raw strength of any other. The city, created predominantly by the weakest of the litter, the white cats, carries an untold hate for the other Clans, and any they were once cast away by, loomed down upon. It is the ideal of many city cats to vindicate all who have ever looked down upon, or even spat upon the weaker cats. All are protected by the city’s system, to an extent. Within the city, none can be hurt physically, and all is kept in order by the legion, however just outside the walls, those rules no longer apply. It is a goal of the city cats to expand and imperialize in order to carve their own perfect society or for many supply their society with the many resources the city requires.

A few miles west, in the great Kings’ Forest, trouble stirred.

Many of the cats that had lived in Kingston before what some called the Shattering fled to the nearby Kings’ Forest, named for the tree the Twolegs called the King-- an enormous tree at the center that had been, for whatever reason, hollowed out with many ledges on the insides. Squirrels mostly inhabited the tree, but that was before the Shattering. Cats flocked to the tree like flies to mouse dung- there were many bloody battles fought for king of the hill, and many more of the few remaining cats died.
Eventually the cats got fed up. A cat only known as Odin led a peace rally, and all the cats agreed to form the mighty ThicketClan, a clan of fellowship and family.

The SootClan cats found a small cavern deep in their territory, that housed a giant orangeish crystal that glowed blindingly when struck by reflected light from somewhere deep below the earth. The cavern itself was made up of a large geode, and when the crystal is lit, the light will certainly hurt one's eyes; medicine cats very commonly go blind after a long while of duty, and those who do retire to the position of the Starwatcher; they no longer watch the earth, as their eyes are permanently trained on the heavens. The crystal was deemed the Moltenstone for its' similarity to how a rumored substance is said to look, and the cavern the Moltenpelt.

And thus, the Clans formed, and time went on.
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The Site's Lore
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